Project 1 Website Analysis of Pennywise’s Home page

Analysis of Pennywise’s Official Home site

Pennywise’s official home page is called Is a very fluid and the web page is easy to navigate. The homepage has the most current news from the band like there current vocalist Jim Lindburg is leaving the band and who is going to replace him after he leaves on 8/21/09. Also on the front page there is links to new photos, to the message board and a little section to make donations to one of the family members who has suffered a loss.

The tool bar is clearly visible; it is red and has eight clickable links to navigate to the other locations in the website. The bio link leads to a page that has no more links that lead on through the site and is rather short just giving a brief history of who makes up Pennywise and were the band started from. When you go on to click the Tour Dates link it takes you the band’s tour dates for their current tour the Jagermeister Music Tour with Pepper. This is the first page that leads to leads to exits off the Pennywise site. The links on tour dates lead to MySpace event pages. The pics link leads to the pictures that are available on that site, but you must first click a tiny button which “says check out our new photo gallery”. When inside the gallery you can view several photos from various tours to flyers and promotional posters. Now to leave the photo gallery you will have to click on the mini toolbar’s home page button. When you’re back on the home page you can access the video page. On the video page you can watch ten videos of Pennywise’s music videos that were taken from But when you click on the link to their journals page it is uncompleted, it just says “coming soon”. When you navigate out of journals you can move onto the Pennywise Army page. On this page you can join the Pennywise Street Army which is their official fan organization. You can send in pictures of Pennywise related tattoos and also send in old ticket stubs and flyers to the site that will post in their photo gallery section. Also on the Pennywise Army Page you can follow links towards their official message board, Newsletter and Guestbook. When click on the Store link on the toolbar you be transported off the main page to which is Pennywise’s official store where can buy all sorts t-shirts, hats and hoodies with various Pennywise logos. The last clickable button on the tool bar is the links link. On this page is various links to sites that Pennywise supports. Such as the social networks that they use to promote themselves, such as, and there site on Tigcom. Then there is the bands that are close with and do a lot of touring with. They give links to their home pages. The bands that they provide links to are Authority Zero, Bad Religion, Bad Religion, The Darlings and Ignite. Then they also provide other links to, and which other providers Pennywise Clothing.

So overall I think that this site is laid out very well and navigating is no problem. The tool bar is out in the open and easy to spot and the pages to which you go to are organized well. The site’s main page does seem to be only the bare bones of site, it just displays the tool bar and a couple lines of news but some would consider that simplicity for the better. I also think it shows the true colors of the band very well. For example when you look at this site you’re not going to think it’s a country band. It’s pretty obvious that they are hard core punk and if you visually impaired the video section of the site will clear that up by demonstrating some of their most popular songs. There sound has not changed since they started; they still put out that same 90’s punk sound that is just simply awesome.


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