Weekly post 3

This video shows a very popular V.I.P party and follows a guy around who every one seems to know and really like. He is offered a Martini but passes and is about to get a Heineken but he is interrupted by greeting people. He has 8 different interactions with people and for each one is a different greeting. He ends with grabbing a flute and playing with the band at the party and being served a Heineken.

The author of this ad is Heineken but that is not made fully clear till about a minute into the ad when the “life of the party” kung-fu fights over a Heineken. You can see a couple Heineken bottles in the background but not there labels. The purpose is to make the beer look cool and sophisticated yet playful.

Some of the creative techniques they used to grab my attention was to have the main character be the life of the party. You can also see in the background all the ladies in the ad look at him at what ever he does. This promotes the ladies man image. They also used a very catchy tune that fits this vintage look party.

A person might understand this message as “Heineken is the beer sophistication” or “Heineken is what interesting people drink”. This ad reminds of the “Most Interesting man of the world” ad by Dos XX’s beer but instead of the most interesting man talking to you, you witness the vast amount of people who greet him.

The lifestyle promoted here is fabulous lifestyle of the rich and famous. It shows the glamor of being well known, every one want to greet you. It hints at the point that popular people drink Heineken, but I feel that Heineken is just popular import beer.

One major thing I feel the ad omitted was the main character actually drinking the beer. I personally don’t think Heineken is the best tasting beer. It has a hoppy taste to it, which can throw off some new drinkers. If the ad showed him taking a swig and looking pleased or satisfied I would then infer that must be a good tasting beer.  But since they leave that out the viewer has no idea what the taste of that beer could be.


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  1. I love this choice of media text and it’s actually a pretty complicated message about having multiple talents and getting along with diverse people from all walks of life.

    You do a great job of identifying the overall theme: playful and sophisticated is the emotional dynamic being offered here.

    I wish you had talked about your inferences about the target audience. There’s so many “cartoon-like” characters and silly-action sequences that I have to assume it’s for boys 15 – 25. Young men are invited to identify with this silent character— and you’re right, he’s like a younger, cooler version of the Dos XX character. How might this ad be interpreted by women who are not the target audience? How does this ad depict the social norms of drinking?

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