Weekly post 5

From this video I got 4 key ideas. They are fundamental in how we will be teaching our kids and generations after them. They are 1. Embrace Change 2. Stealth Learning 3. Visual Literacy 4. Digital media is not killing learning, it is changing the ecology of learning.

1. We should all embrace the change of new technology into our lives. After all there is no way of stopping it. I know that my generation uses and is more familiar with new technology and medias then my parents and my kids will probably be even more knowledgeable on it then me. If our society  can resist as least as possible to the changes of new media literacy the fast and better we can get at implementing them and using them to better society.

2. Stealth Learning is what it exactly sound like hiding learning. Through this process of hiding knowledge, learning and life skills behind a game or a interactive screen kids today can be actively involved with the learning process that makes them develop a passion for learning. A effect of stealth learning is students become a addicted to learning which makes them life long learners.

3. Visual literacy is being able to breakdown messages and other meanings from media. This means having the ability to distinguish between pictures and reality. Visual literacy leads to deeper understanding of film and images. It also for one to break down the aesthetics of a image.

4. Digital media is not killing learning, it is just changing the ecology of learning. Now a old school teacher who is not open to learning would disagree with the previous statement but learning is changing. This goes back to my first key idea which is to embrace change. Our schooling system is based on the 1800’s assembly line factory for education. Schools are still factories while the rest of society has moved on. To renovate teaching we must implement new resources such as new digital media. This is becuase digital media allows for guided, well designed experiences which in some cases are better then real life and allow for more in depth exploration and interactivity with the student.

For me the most interesting part was when the kids using there cell phones to set up a museum wide scavenger hunt. This involved setting up a story and finding objects which fitted along with the story. They got to experience the museum on a deeper level, now they were exploring and documenting and creating.

Something troubling I saw was the exercise of the kids who were to imagine how history would have been different if ______ did or did not happen, they were then charged with re-writing history and the effects of that different historical event. I fell that the students should learn the effects of a historical event but imagining how things would be different is not effective or even healthy. For example if some politician was never elected how would things be different today? Well you can only guess, politicians rarely keep all of there promises they said to get elected. It makes you dwell on the past, which can lead to anger and unneeded doubt in the future.

I believe there is a lot of positives to updating our schools to incorporate new digital media. Our schools will produce highly critical thinkers and creators who can reshape our world and the society they live in. The only negatives I can see from this is if our new young thinkers over look some of the simplicities of life, human contact and emotions.

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