About me

My name is Rich Becker I’m currently a freshman at Temple University. I’m majoring in BTMM (Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media) and I hope to get into the TV or radio industry but it is too early to tell which.
I’m come from the relatively small community of Chichester Pa and I had about 273 people in my graduating class. It’s about 40 minutes south of Temple so I’m really close to home. But I love it here at Temple; in fact I just love Philadelphia in general. I’m a fan of all Philly sports which was one of the reasons why I came to Temple University.
Being in college is a real big and radical change for me as probably is true for all freshmen. I like the independence that comes with boarding here. Also the subtle little changes back home that make being in college fun. One thing is my parents are becoming more like friends to me and not daily mentors like when I was in high school. I don’t miss high school that much, but there are a couple things I do miss. For one I miss playing sports for my school. It was a source of my identity and I lost that when I graduated because I can’t play collegiate level ice hockey or football. I also miss being in the shroud of ignorance that came with being in high school if that makes sense. Basically what I mean is I miss the certainty of what will happen the next day and all the familiar faces each day. But I don’t miss it that much because I’m like meeting new people and new places.
Here at Temple I am a floor representative in the student senate for Johnson and Hardwick Halls. I also participate in W.H.I.P. the student run radio here on campus. But the coolest thing I’m a part of is the Temple University Snowboarding Club. I’ve only been snowboarding once and I loved it so when I found out there is a club here at campus I joined immediately. On Jan.10 I’m going with the TUSC to Mount. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada, not only is it my first legit snowboarding trip but it is my first time leaving the U.S.A. So this trip is going to be a milestone in my list of life experiences and maybe add a couple of those six thousand dollar stories people talk about.


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